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39 Years of experience.

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Welcome to the OMNI Online Trading Academy. The OMNI Online Trading Academy’s professional training spans as far back as 1982. The OMNI (Oscar’s Market Navigational Indicator) and the OMNI Online Trading Academy's analytical directives, ideas and concepts are deep seeded in Oscar Carboni’s unparalleled 42 years experience as a floor trader and analyst on several of the largest trading exchanges on Wall Street.

Oscar Carboni’s undying effort to advance technical analysis into the future which commenced way back in 1994 with his first website for analyzing, coaching and trading stock & commodities (Futuresinc) which was intended to help improve the trading skills & results of traders of all experience levels. If you are searching for or in dire need of extremely high level live daily mentoring & coaching sessions on how to trade more consistently and profitably then you have found the right place. Oscar’s passion to help traders in has brought him success and accolades from traders across the globe.

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We have trained hundreds of traders, both professional and private speculators, over the past decade. Read some of the many testimonials below to gauge our success.


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Born in Manhattan and raised in Staten Island, Michael (Oscar) Carboni stumbled upon the exciting world of commodities trading while a freshman college student visiting his then girlfriend, now wife, Lisa, who had just gotten a job on the floor.

Soon the lure of big money in the fast paced, pressure packed 'pits' (as brilliantly captured in the movie 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd) prompted Oscar to pursue a full time career on the Commodities Exchange.


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By Admin 340

Bond targets forcing a repricing of stock indices

This 1838th edition of Short-term Trading with Oscar Carboni is for the trading Friday, Rocktober 5th 2018.

By Admin 340

Repricing and not a Topping Pattern

What you are seeing here (refer to the graph above) is not a topping pattern but this is the repricing of the stock market.

By Admin 340

Transport Succumb To High CL Prices

This is the 1837th installment of Short-term Trading Live with Oscar which comes out for Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018.